The D-day is finally here! From X2 Visa to Z Visa: a summary of the first 6 months in China.

After living in China for 6 months, 5 of them in Beijing, we have not only learnt some Chinese basics, we have also discovered tons of things about the Beijing, its culture and about the food (slightly spicy is still spicy enough to finish a meal and feel like a fire-breathing dragon).

During this period, I combined the student life with the work life. I was a Chinese student, a language teacher for kids and a marketing intern for a luxury travel agency. At some point, I worked 7 days a week for several weeks. Believe me, it is not a recommended lifestyle, it’s exhausting!

In these 6 months I also had time to suffer from an “identity crisis” due to be named after 4 different names: my real name,  兰爱丽 (Lan Ai Li), Abigail and Lisa. The last 2 names were given to me since Eloisa wasn’t “English enough” to be a kid’s teacher.

I have lived at the Beijing Normal University dorm and at the 北新桥三条 (BeiXinQiao San Tiao) Hutong; I have camped overnight at The Great Wall and visited many temples.

I have discovered that while using chopsticks it’s quite useful, a good knife and fork could have saved me from clumsy/embarrasing situations.

Last but not least, I have worked as a summer coordinator at CRCC Asia bringing international students to Beijing so they can discover the exciting Beijing culture while interning in different companies. All of these experiences brought me a step closer to get my current job in Shenzhen, where I’ve been living for the past month.

Today is the day when, after 1 month in Shenzhen and after enjoying every minute of my 6-month visa, I will leave Mainland China for the first time. I will spend the weekend in Hong Kong with Fran, who happens to turn 28 years old today, and then go back to Spain!

I am not going back home to stay though, I will go back to do all the paperwork for my new working visa (Z Visa). When I get back to China on August the 30th, I will not only be legit to work in China, but I will also get my resident permit to stay in China!

But right now it is time to enjoy Fran’s B-Day, Hong Kong & some quality time in Spain!

See you post-España!!


by Eloisa Latorre



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