It has been a while since the last time we wrote a post, like nearly two years! Time really flies by, especially when you start postponing something for the next week – as we did with the posts.

But in this 2018 we are back, and we are here to stay

We have changed the appearance of our blog, and we have added some important features, like my Instagram account @eloisa-latorre and the official Instagram account of Chopsticksandgo @chopsticksandgo where we post some of our favorite captures from every trip we make.

A lot has happened for both of us! Last time we updated Chopsticksandgo, Fran was about to start his adventure as an MBA candidate at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). In my case, I was new to Shenzhen and about to get started with my new job.

We were both newbies in our cities. We had so much to discover and learn about Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

For those of you that might not know it, Hong Kong and Shenzhen are two cities next to each other. Therefore, even though we were no longer living together, visiting each other every weekend was a piece of cake. The cities are well connected by train, bus and even by ferry. However, the ferry is best for traveling to and from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Two years later, in 2018, Fran finished his MBA (congrats!) after a lot of traveling the world, exchanges, and some study too. Now he temporarily settled down in Singapore, where he is currently working. But this part of the story, I leave it up to him to tell!

What refers to me, I am still a laowai/adopted Shenzhener in 2018. Long story short, I am working for an e-commerce company located in Nanshan district. As I told in the past, I went from an X2 student visa to a Z working visa when I first moved to Shenzhen and still enjoying the life on this side of the city! Of course, there are ups and downs, days in which I asked myself a thousand time what was I doing here. But if you ask me my overall opinion, this experience is a hell of a ride, and I would never change it! And believe me, sometimes you really want to give up! But as the Chinese say 加油! (Jia You, Add Oil = Come on, you can do this!)

2016 and 2017 were both amazing years and I expect great things from 2018 too. We are ready to travel Asia during the next months and tell all about our trips here! If you wanna travel with us, feel free to follow this blog, share it and follow our Instagram account @chopsticksandgo

Cheers, Everyone!


by Eloisa Latorre

One thought on “IT’S 2018 NOW AND WE ARE BACK!

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  1. Que alegría volver a disfrutar de vuestras experiencias!!!
    Seguro que esta nueva etapa, es tan o más estupenda que las pasadas. A disfrutar de nuevas aventuras y por supuesto nosotros de ellas.


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